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Greetings and welcome to my website! I am delighted that you have chosen to visit. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Breana Jones, a dynamic professional who has a reputation for delivering outstanding outcomes and exhibiting influential leadership in personal lines insurance, customer experience, and digital innovation. I enthusiastically embrace disruption with a collaborative spirit, thriving at the crossroads of innovation, cooperation, and open-mindedness. I strongly believe in being present at the table of disruptors while cultivating a nurturing and inclusive environment that fosters the growth of novel ideas.

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She/Her is based in Atlanta, GA with background in Customer Experience, Insurance, Program Management, CX Strategy, Project Creation and Product Management
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As someone who is dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences, I bring a diverse educational background in sociology, anthropology, religious studies, and a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in health management and policy. I believe in creating meaningful connections and designing experiences that are truly unforgettable.

Throughout my career, I have honed my expertise in customer service, innovative marketing, captivating content creation, and insightful data analysis. By extracting valuable insights from complex information, I drive improved procedures and deliver outstanding digital experiences.

My collaborative approach empowers teams to exceed customer expectations, while my unwavering commitment to innovation ensures that we stay at the forefront of industry dynamics. Together, we can pioneer engaging agent programs, optimize content design, and implement strategic initiatives that enhance overall satisfaction.

Beyond industry boundaries, I excel in various positions, bringing adaptability and a quick grasp of new skills. As a qualitative and quantitative leader, I drive valuable customer outcomes through immersive digital experiences, continuous procedure enhancements, and data-driven insights, always aiming for remarkable results.

I invite you to explore my website for a comprehensive overview of my track record and the value I can bring to your organization. Thank you for visiting and please do not hesitate to contact me via email or LinkedIn!

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Based in Atlanta

Recent Experience

2023 -


Claims Customer Success & Agency Engagement Senior Manager

Allstate Insurance Company

This is an expansion of my prior role, and I now lead the teams responsible for elevating the claims department to world-class customer service. I oversee the Claims CX governance process, from developing communication journey maps to streamlining communication standards to supporting problem-solving efforts. I also ensure that all Claims activities align with CX Standards.. I am passionate about designing and delivering effortless claims-focused support that empowers our agency partners. While leveraging technology and guided by data, I create a seamless end-user experience that promotes a culture of excellence and exceptional customer service. I work closely with claims agency partners to strategize, design, and deliver any claims-related information to agents and ensure that the messaging is consistent. I am also responsible for producing agency-facing content, acting as a conduit for agents to be proactively notified of process changes, and creating self-service content tailored to the needs of diverse agency staff.

2021 -


Claims Agency Engagement Strategy and Operations Manager

Allstate Insurance Company

I played a key role in developing an agent engagement program transformed the relationship between Sales and the claims department. Through the use of innovative UX principles, I was able to revolutionize content design and search functionality, which resulted in a significant 127% increase in viewership. Additionally, I was able to turn an underperforming resource page into a top-ranked one in just 12 months by utilizing data-driven insights. I also facilitated direct communication channels with agents, which allowed for valuable insights to be shared, ultimately leading to an enhanced customer experience. Lastly, I helped to successfully execute the "Win Agents Back" campaign, which addressed long-standing issues and improved overall agent sentiment. My strong focus on leveraging data and driving ongoing improvements allowed me to consistently surpass organizational goals and achieve success.


Property Optimization Team, Logistics Lead (TDY)

Allstate Insurance Company

I optimized workflow by directing a team of Talent Acquisition representatives and delegating responsibilities to 5 interviewers. I reviewed over 1,000 applications for 40+ requisitions, ensuring a precise candidate selection process. Utilizing analytical prowess, I created complex Excel documents to track candidate progression and provided data-driven reports for informed decision-making. Collaborating closely with training and equipment departments, I facilitated seamless onboarding of 20 candidates per week. Within a 10-month timeframe, I successfully onboarded 378 candidates, managing the entire process from paperwork to training and orientation.


Claims Service Leader, National Catastrophe Team

Allstate Insurance Company

As a leader, I successfully managed a team of 11 field adjusters, inspiring them to exceed performance metrics and provide exceptional customer service. With responsibility for the authority levels of over 120 adjusters, I ensured an impressive 96% estimate quality rate. I also utilized effective conflict resolution techniques to address internal and external concerns, fostering positive working relationships. Through the implementation of a recognition and accountability program, I created a culture of achievement and excellence, leading the team to surpass goals in all performance categories. In addition to curating inclusive weekly communications for 135+ employees, I supported diversity and inclusion initiatives to contribute to a welcoming and inclusive work environment. I am proud to have been recognized as Leader of the Year in 2018, 2019, and 2020.


Quality Evaluator, National Catastrophe Team

Allstate Insurance Company

I conducted reinspections on claims submitted by staff and vendor adjusters, ensuring they adhered to high-quality estimating standards. My focus was on mentoring and coaching adjusters to enhance their estimating skills, providing feedback and guidance to support their professional growth. Through training ride-alongs, I fostered a collaborative learning environment and facilitated knowledge transfer, tailoring coaching to the unique needs of each adjuster. By identifying areas for improvement, I was able to develop effective coaching strategies that helped adjusters achieve their performance objectives and produce high-quality work. Additionally, I leveraged insights gained during ride-alongs to create individualized development plans, providing a well-rounded and beneficial experience for adjusters.

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Education, Certifications, & Awards

Georgia State University School of Public Health

Master of Public Health in Health Management & Policy, May 2016

Featured graduate

Agnes Scott College

B.A., Sociology/Anthropology & Religious Studies, May 2010

Magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa

Nielsen Norman UXC, UX Management Specialty

ID: 1052678 | Earned November 2021

  • Becoming a UX Strategist
  • Being a UX Leader: Essential Skills for Any UX Practitioner
  • Lean UX and Agile
  • The UX VP/Director
  • UX Roadmaps

Adjuster - Property and Casualty

Licensed all lines adjuster in all 50 states

Primary Texas Designated Home State

Applied Structural Drying Technician (IICRC)

ID: 193951 | Earned June 2013

Water Damage Restoration Technician (IICRC)

ID: 193951 | Earned June 2013

Professional Courses

  • Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work, BerkleyX
  • Business and Data Analysis Skills, FullbridgeX
  • Data Analysis Micro-credential, Allstate Insurance
  • Communication Micro-credential, Allstate Insurance
  • Agile Work Micro-credential, Allstate Insurance
  • Elevate Virtual Leadership Program, Allstate Insurance
  • Leading with Analytics, Allstate Insurance

Allstate Insurance Company Recognition

  • Power of MInD Mentoring Program, 2022-2023
  • Senior Vice President Advisory Council, 2021-2022
  • 3x Property Claims Leader of the Year, 2018-2020
  • Continuously Improve Our Core Trailblazer, 2018
  • Ripple Effect, 2017
  • Distinguished Performance Award, 2017
  • Accelerated Development Program, 2012-2013